Why Outsource to Thailand?
We have a natural resource with abundant technically skilled manpower, low costs, labour & government stability, a proven record of quality control & the main thing the cost factor to you. We are the worlds fastest growing outsourcing country and can have your call center monitored right here with us at a fraction of the cost. Thats right - if you have ever been to bangkok then you will know that we have the best infrastructure to help your company whether it is based in Thailand or in the West and we have a solution for you. From Broadband and the latest computer technology we can undercut costs that the West charge


Benefits of Outsourcing in Asia:

Thailand offers you English speaking foreign outsourcing expertise. Whatever you want us to do we can provide the services to a high degress of intellectual intelligence and offer you even more on your help centre for your customers and will work with any Government or private organisation to assist you with call centre inquiries. We also provide you with our own database of questions and answers to cover all aspects of your caller inquiries.

- Large pool of computer literacy and English speaking professionals
- Great Information technology skills with Thai experts
- Wide gap between personnel costs in Thailand and developed countries.

Where we work in Asia:
Bangkok & Pattaya - Thailand & can set up the telecommunications you may need at a fraction of the costs you would pay in your own country.Whats mpre the rates charged are a fraction of what you would be paying


Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing to countries like Thailand can give you access to cost-effective services on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The same services with the same level of quality are offered inThailand for a much lower cost than the west! This cost-advantage has increased the number of services that are being offered to Thailand. Services such as call service etc can help you save up to 60% of your total costs when outsourced! Getting access to high-quality services at a cost-effective price is the biggest benefit that you can get while outsourcing. Outsource and receive the many benefits of outsourcing your callers problems by using out new services in 2009.

When you outsource, you can save on time, salaries of having and employing your own & of course paying taxes. Since you don't have to invest in infrastructure, you can also save on making unnecessary fixed investments maintenance costs and ongoing expenses. Outsourcing removes the burden of changing your infrastructure & allows us to give you that free hand. You can also save on capital expenditure and thats why more Western companies are outsourcing their call services in places like Thailand. Read more info


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