NON IMMIGRANT "B" VISA HOLDERS: Once you are in business for 1 year in Thailand you can apply for a long term one year visa which in effect allows you to stay in the Kingdom for the full year. To apply for this you must be registered to pay VAT tax and you need Balance sheet and audited books. You must pay yourself a monthly salary which, if you are the Director, will be determined at the rate of max 60,000 baht ( but depending on the size of your company and balance sheet etc) this will vary. If you are employed this salary can be reduced but it is up to Bangkok immigration who will determine this for you. 

The paperwork is endless but there is a check list which you can follow. The best idea is to use a competent lawyer & or accountant as this makes for a relatively straight forward process. You need  a valid work permit before any consideration of a visa extension will be given by the Bureau. 2 copies of everything which will include the following:


Company workers plan Map of your Office
TM7 Immigration extension form Passport copies
Education references Work permit copies
Audited accounts Tax certificate & records
Employees ID & House reg Company papers
Financial papers Employment history


A long-term annual visa can take a few months. Consideration is undertaken at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok or the province of the company's principal place of business. You are granted a temporary visa while the Immigration Bureau considers the extension. Unfortunately, denial of a visa extension cannot be formally appealed by an applicant, and an alien is then required to leave the country upon the expiration of the temporary visa. An application can be resubmitted after the applicant has remedied the areas of the application, which the Immigration Bureau found to be inadequate. When you have a long term visa you must comply to all the conditions as the Immigration may inspect your Office.

Immigration does not allow an annual visa extension if a company has fewer than seven Thai employees for each foreigner employed. Representative and regional offices are the only ones exempt. This becomes a hassle for foreign investors just starting out in Thailand. Often these companies may want another foreigner to perform certain skills, but not  7 Thai employees as the case is at present.

Foreigners applying for a Non O-A visa will be required to purchase health insurance from October 31, 2019 Non–Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay). If you are getting insurance make sure you apply to just Thailand no other countries if youre wanting to save money. This type of visa may be issued to applicants aged 50 years and over who wish to stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 1 year without the intention of working. Holder of this type of visa is allowed to stay in Thailand for 1 year.


The Immigration Act's Section 38 requires that landlords must report the presence of any foreign tenants to authorities within 24 hours of their arrival. You can do online as some managements of condos etc will not do it. Section 37 imposes the same rule on foreigners. They must report their nightly whereabouts, as and when they move around the country. A fine of 800 to 2,000 baht and the risk a foreigner may be denied extension or renewal of their visa or work permit. If you use an Apple computer download the app here [ Section 38 TM30] If you use a PC windows then download the app here [ Section 38 TM30]

How to fill your TM30 form if you do yourself
Write your name at the top of the form, address under it, then your address AGAIN as the address where the foreigner lives.
In the blank area at the bottom left hand side ----- where you cut off ---they give back to you write your address again.
On the second page (the table) put all your information.
You sign BOTH forms on the signature lines. Print the forms correctly. 1st page is portrait and second page is landscape :O
Make copies of;
-Name main page of passport
-Extension (if you have one)
-Entry stamp
-TM6 departure card
Then sign the copies of your passport




BANGKOK Immigration Department
The Royal Thai Police Department
507 Soi Suan Phlu, S. Sathorn Rd.
Bangkok 10120
Tel : (662) 287-3101/10, Fax : 00-6602 287-1310
Ministry of Labour
Fuang Nakhon Road, Bangkok 10200
Tel : (662) 221-5140/4, 223-4912/4
Fax : (662) 226-2890
CHIANGMAI: Immigration Office, Airport Rd, Muang, Chiangmai 50200. Tel 053 277510, 282532 Labour Office: City hall, Bottom floor, Mae Rim Rd.

For a foreign spouse of a Thai national to live in Thailand permanently you must have the following?



1/. Money for the application and a lawyer. You need a steady income & register the marriage in Thailand. Then you have to prove that you support your spouse. There are no hard and fast rules regarding this. There is no "minimum income" like there is for a retirement visa. The income therefore creates a problem. If you've been working in Thailand for 3 years legally then you just use that to prove your ability to support. If not, then you have to show some kind of income that you will have while you're in Thailand that doesn't involve you working in Thailand eg. Pension income, investment income, and overseas work that you commute to, etc. Here's a list of some of the documents you may need to produce to prove support (note that the tax and business statements assume you are employed in Thailand):

Application form (TM. 9) Personal information sheet Health certificate from a hospital (issued within the previous 3months). Certification that the applicant has no criminal record in his or her overseas domicile. This must be certified officially, e.g., by the applicant's embassy in Bangkok. Official marriage and birth certificates (in the case of accompanying family members who are also applying).
Copy of identity card and house registration of wife and/or children. Letter certifying place of employment.
Copy of work permit.  Copy of annual personal income tax forms with receipts for the previous 3 years.
Copy of each month's personal income tax forms (por ngor dor 1) with receipts from January of year of application until the month before applying (only for applicant earning a salary). Company registration certificate or juristic person certificate.
Copy of Value Added Tax (VAT) registration of the company. List of company shareholders (only for applicant, who is a shareholder).
Company balance sheet and income tax with receipt (por ngor dor 50)for the previous 1 year (with the exception of a state agency or state enterprise). Map of residence and place of work.
Copy of passport (must show a total of 3 years' travelling history to Thailand).  

[ Lawyer ] 


Most tourism visas are issued on arrival at Don Muang airport for tourists. Any other visa like non immigrant you need to get in your own country preferably or outside Thailand.[ nonimmigrant visa ]. Please remember that Visa & immigration can change processing with little or zero notice so please ask us for up-to-date info. What may be the case for one person may be totally opposite for another person. For Law services see [ Thai Lawyer ]

  Renting or buying a house or condo in Chiangmai use   [  Asia Real Estate

OR bangkok use [ Bangkok Realty ]



      Check your foreign currency exchange rates against the Thai Baht with Bangkok Bank.

Always use a certified registered lawyer for all legal work in Thailand. If in doubt ask for their Reg number. 

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