If one is travelling to Nepal you can obtain a 60 day Visa for $US30. If you want to obtain a single reentry=$US25, a double for $US40, & a triple for $US60.



If you are travelling or have traveled on a tourist visa to Nepal before within the last 150 days you can apply again for a fee of $US50 for another 30 days stay from a consulate outside Nepal. If you swish to overstay your visa you can apply in Nepal from the immigration dept for an extension which costs $US50. but can be paid in the Nepalese currency.If you are trekking up the mountains you do not need a permit to trek to Mt Everest or Annapurna or Langtang

For business visas you can apply to the immigration department for a respective 1 year or a 5 year visa for $US100 & $US250 but must be recommended by the Ministry of Industry

KATHMANDU or "wooden gazebo" was an ancient city that had a building made out of the wood of one tree. There's also a temple in Patan made out of one block of stone. 

rom from top class to low class.  In Thamel  $5 US dollars a night while others will cost in excess of $100. Outside the valley, you can get dorm accommodation in tea houses for 20 rupees a night.

The airport is small and not as confusing as some. The visa clerk are friendly. They are not as stringent about declaring items or searching for drugs as they were a few years ago which makes it easier to get out of the airport.When you get through visa and luggage check you have to run the gauntlet of touts for different services. If you don't mind paying extra, this is probably the easiest way to find your way into the city and the first night's accommodation.

If you know where you want to go catch a taxi. If you do want to catch a bus there are old coaches leaving from the front of the airport but you have to walk about 300 meters to get there and while they are cheap (about 6 rupees) they are crowded and do not go directly into the city center. You have to change to a tempu (see below), and can get confusing.

The currency is the Rupee (Nrs).
44Nrs = A$1
48Nrs = US$1
Approx one hundred paisa =1 rupee but inflation has made these nearly obsolete.

If you are on a low budget to dhal bhat as your main food source, you can  live on about 3500 rupees a week: 2400 for accommodation, 1000 for food and 100 for transport around the city.This does not include all of the very expensive tourist activities such as trekking, or sight seeing. It is not unusual for tourist to pay up to 25 times the entry fee on certain attractions such as the zoo or a museum.

Bring an international student card if you have one as you can get a 25% discount on the already very reasonably priced internal flights.

empu is the main taxi. These come in three varieties, the black or karlo which seats two to three and is metered, about 6 rupees a km.There's a diesel tempu but they are being phased out now. These cost 4 Nrs anywhere along the route.Then there's an electric less polluting tempu which are usually white. These cost 5 Nrs anywhere along the route. Like everywhere watch out as they will rip you off and charge you lots more if they can. They travel in set routes into and out of the city. Other forms of transport are taxis which are very expensive and coaches. All tempus are crowded and this is hard to get used to at first.  Travel & Tourism



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Remember if coming to Thailand for longer stays then 1 month go to your nearest Thai Consulate in your home country. Arrival in Thailand you can obtain 30 days eg. USA. In your own country 60 days stay.

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