Our Company uses the services of Thai Zurich for all your house insurance or AIA American International Assurance Co Ltd. We cover everything from health Insurance to vehicle, house, theft & travel insurance.


Please just ask us as we are agents for Thai Zurich in Chiangmai.

Need to know more then CALL Thongjan 09-6311114 (Thai or Eng)

We also use  AIA  Insurance company with our Thai Insurance representative Khun Sununta Rangdaeng (Sue) and offer the following services to all foreigners coming to live in then North of Thailand and especially in ChiangMai. We can advise you on all your insurance needs  by fax or mail documents in English and make sure the quote you receive enables you to enjoy adequate cover from buying that vehicle to insuring your house and personal needs. For all Health insurance needs we use BUPA & AIA now which are Thailand's foremost Insurance Companies. Yes, you can find them on the net but there is no price difference between using us or the Insurance Office. However what we do is explain to you every query you may have & make sure you get the policy that you want & ask for --------therefore there's no hidden costs as our foreign & Thai reps assist you with full explanations and most of all we do not push you into signing anything.


 We offer a 24 hour helpline on any Insurance need you may have in Thailand:


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With our own lawyer we can now assist all Thailand expats with any type of Insurance cover from Life, vehicle, motorcycle, home, contents, cargo Insurance to whatever you want. You can even choose which company you want and we will make sure you are completely looked after. No hidden costs, no hidden agendas and every policy is overseen with our legal Office to make sure your policy is guaranteed to meet the requirements & our foreign legal advisers.  Our policies are ideal for residents of Thailand and surrounding countries and also expats living here. We are able to offer foreigners with a world wide healthcare insurance at very competitive rates. Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy:



  Choice of 2 healthcare plans consisting of International health insurance benefits.24 hour international toll free medical help line.Inclusive 90m day travel insurance.Claims settled in the currency where the expense was incurred.On the spot settlement of bills to approved hospitals regardless of locationInsurance cover approved by the Department of Insurance Thailand.




U.S. medical insurance is sometimes not valid outside the United States. U.S. Medicare & Medicaid programs do not provide payment for medical services outside America. Doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash payment for health services. Uninsured travelers who require medical care overseas may have a problem. Check your insurance company about your policy including medical evacuation, and for make sure you have plenty of cover. Serious medical problems requiring hospitalization and evacuation to the United States can cost thousands of dollars. Make sure payment is made to the Thai hospital or doctor & reimbursed later for expenses. Some insurance policies have cover for psychiatric treatment and for disposition of remains in the event of death. Persons with serious medical conditions who travel to Thailand may wish to consider insurance that covers medical evacuation, because costs of the costs. 
Useful information check the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs brochure, Medical Information for Americans Traveling Abroad, via the Bureau of Consular Affairs home page or autofax: (202) 647-3000.Disease control see: http://www.cdc.govt



INSURANCE: A must to protect your investment but check around as some Thai companies may vanish overnight. Check basic covers, fire and theft & the fine print. Although we don't have any major disasters in Chiangmai some areas are prone to flooding. Take out a cover note when you settle on the property. If building a home, ensure you have cover from the day you start building. We are able to assist you with all your Insurance & security alarm systems shortly.
Insurance cover: 
1/. Replacement cover - reinstates your property to it's former condition if destroyed, i.e. new for old. Don't confuse replacement value the price you paid for the property. A home bought for THB 3,000,000 may cost THB 7,000,000 baht if replaced. It's cheaper for a builder to build several houses at a time, than to construct just one fro instance. 
2/.Indemnity policy - reinstates or repairs the property & depreciation is taken into account, i.e. old for old. You only receive a part of the amount it would require to replace it. 

Building Insurance 

Premiums vary greatly depending upon the size of your home, features, location, and construction eg. security system, fences, keyed locks on all windows and doors? Maintain your home: Check for loose roof tiles, electrical fittings, plumbing, sewerage outlets, wiring & lines. Some insurance policies in Thailand don't cover your properties against "Acts of God", such as lightning, hail, earthquakes and floods.

Contents Insurance 

Coverage is replacement value or cash value. Say your THB 5,000 fridge is destroyed, full replacement ensures a new fridge. Cash value would only give you the depreciated value, say THB 3,000. But, full replacement policies are dearer than cash value policies. Contents of a home can be valued at 50% of the structure's replacement value, e.g. on a THB 2,000,000, contents could be as high as THB 500,000. Always keep receipts for major purchases and detailed inventory records for insurance purposes. Standard content policies in Thailand don't cover you against burglary and theft of your valuables, e.g. video recorder, computer, jewelry - for those items you will need a burglary and robbery (special risks) policy.

Burglary Insurance 

For this 'Special Risks' policy you must provide a detailed list of items. Again keep receipts for major purchases and detailed inventory records. Our lawyer says even keep a camera record. Limit small claims and minimize burglaries with more security measures.

Transit Insurance 
You may need 'in transit' insurance cover if moving from one house to another. Check this out & if possible talk to other homeowners or us for recommended companies to use.

Always use a certified registered lawyer for all legal work in Thailand. If in doubt ask for their Reg number. 

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