If you are coming to Thailand you should apply to a Consulate in your country to obtain a multiple tourist visa first unless you are being hired by a Thailand Company. Costs vary for  a "B" working nonimmigrant visa. Ask your own Thai Consulate in your country. If a non immigrant "B" visa you must have a letter of introduction from a Thai Company certified with Company stamp / letterhead which will then enable you to be issued with a multiple B non immigrant visa. The letter states they intend to employ you or invite you to do research for the company looking towards employment. You may be asked for Company papers and also work permit as all countries Thai Embassies vary. 


In some countries like Laos (single entry ONLY) & Penang you need company papers with memorandum & list of shareholders, balance sheets & tax cert, CV of the person applying, 2 passport photos & show your work permit with the letter. You must apply in the mornings only. Remember also changes occur to requirements at a moment's notice. Once you have your B Visa then you apply for your work permit in Thailand. You cannot obtain a work permit outside Thailand as company papers need to be filed and you must be in Thailand to obtain this. No exceptions. Therefore to obtain a work permit you either have limited partnership, a company or are going to be employed by a Thai company.


You can use your "O" non immigrant visa until it expires if you apply for a work permit whilst on an "O" visa. Once this expires then you must obtain the proper "B" non immigrant working visa which normally requires you to leave Thailand to apply for a fresh "B" visa in a consulate away from Thailand. If you need advice just write to us. PLEASE NOTE OUR LAW OFFICE CANNOT PROCESS YOUR NON IMMIGRANT B OR O VISA. However write to: [ Visa Help ]



  Bangkok International Airport, Bangkok   Chiang Mai International Airport, Chiangmai
  Phuket International Airport, Phuket   Hat Yai International Airport, Songkla
  U-tapao Airport, Rayong   Mae Sai Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
  Chieng Saen Checkpoint, Chiengrai   Chieng Khong Checkpoint, Chiengrai
  Betong Immigration Checkpoint, Yala   Sadoa Immigration Checkpoint, Songkla


An alien (foreigner) may submit a visa application at the Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad who will pass this on via the Foreign Ministry to the Immigration Bureau. Duration of the first permit: 
A. 90 days: As warranted by the visa granted, the alien will receive a visa for a maximum period of 90 days only. Cost: 2000 baht.
B. Longer than 90 days: If the visa is approved by the Immigration Bureau, the applicant will receive a non-immigrant visa "code B-A" which will entitle the alien to stay in the Kingdom for a period of one year from the day of entry. Duration of extension: 
A. When an alien enters the Kingdom with a 90 days visa and would like to apply for an extension to continue his investment or business, he/she may apply for an extension of not more than one year at a time. 
B. When an alien enters the Kingdom with a non-immigrant visa "code B-A" which gives permission of a stay for one year upon entry, he/she may re-apply for an extention the next year. The Immigration Office will grant a one year extention. 

Vientiane: only single entries; Penang: multiple entries allowed. Your business papers, letter saying you are working here by a company & shareholders needed. 


COMPANIES WRITING LETTERS FOR FRIENDS: Word of caution you become the guarantor of that person & should he/she not have insufficient funds while in Thailand & you will be asked to repatriate that person back to country of origin & pay any outstanding debts in Thailand. You are also responsible for that person in Thailand. If the person incurs offences whilst here or runs out of money then your company will have to pay. You may also be asked why have you written so many letters and why isn't that person employed by you? In the USA you now need letter, tax cert, company papers & evidence of share transfer capital to obtain a year multiple visa.

EXTENSION Requirements for long stay visa: 
1. Application Form T.M.7.       2. A copy of passport 
3. One 4*6 cm. Photo.              
4. 1900 baht fee.                      

Requirements for non immigrant visa: 

A foreigner applies for a  non-immigrant visa when he/she wants to stay or work in Thailand. This visa has several categories: a diplomatic visa (D) is for those employed by an embassy, a business visa (B) or a mass media visa (M) are for accredited business or press representatives, a dependent visa (O), an expert visa (EX) are for those performing skilled or expert work, an investor visa (IM) is for foreigners who set-up their companies under the Board Of Investment BOI and a study/education visa (ED) is for teachers. Official ( F). Performance of official duties (involving the Thai government). Capital Investment ( IM ). Investment (with concurrence of the ministries and departments concerned). BOI ( IB ). Investment subject to the provision of the laws on investment promotion. (ED). Educational study or observation. ( R ). Missionary work. ( RS). Scientific research or training, or study in an educational institution in the Kingdom. ( EX). Performance of skilled or expert work. ( S). Participation in an officially recognized sports event.Others "O". Others, including dependents and retired persons.
INVESTOR VISAS. This is a new category of visa with issuance controlled by the Board of Investment. This visa can carry a residence permit for applicant and immediate family if a specified amount of capital is brought into Thailand for investment.Direct Investment:Applicable by aliens who bring into Thailand not less than Baht 10 million for investment in a new project which benefits the country's economy or a project subject to the approval and conditions set forth by the Committee for Granting Permanent Residence; or
Investment in Securities:Applicable to aliens who bring into Thailand money to buy special-type bonds prescribed by the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Thailand. Persons granted visas must not transfer or redeem the bonds for a period of 10 years.
Investor Baht 8 million
Spouse Baht 6 million
Per minor, unmarried child Baht 2 million
Normally, a 90 days non-immigrant visa can be applied for from a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your own country. 

3. Applying for an extension for aliens who support or are being supported by parents with Thai nationality or have residence in Thailand. 
Initial place to contact: An alien must apply for non-immigrant visa "code O" at a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad before he/she enters the country. 
Duration of the first permit: As warranted by this visa, the applicant will receive permission to stay for 90 days. Duration of extension: The Immigration Office will grant that applicant a maximum extension of one year at a time. 

1. Application Form T.M. 7.                          2. A copy of passport or substitute document. 
3. One 4*6 cm. Photo.                                 4. Marriage certificate. 
5.  fee.                                                        6. Birth certificate (if any). & current  medical original certificate ( any Thai clinic will do for 30-50 baht).
7. Evidence to identify that the supporter or the one being supported has a Thai nationality or has residence in Thailand. 
8. If an alien is the supporter, he must submit financial evidence, proof of employment, work permit and tax receipts. 
4. Applying for an extension for aliens who support or are being supported by a spouse with Thai nationality or who has residence in Thailand Initial place to contact: 
An alien must apply for a non-immigrant visa "code O" at a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad before entering the Kingdom. Duration of first permit: As warranted by this visa, permission is given for a period of 90 days. Duration of extension: The Immigration Office will grant him a maximum extension of one year at a time. 

  Applying for a Non-Immigration visa 
Normally, a visa can be obtained from the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country that is valid for 90 days (single entry), double or multiple. If you wish to stay for one year, there are two ways that can be done: 

1. An alien submits an application for a non-immigrant visa at a Thai Embassy or Consulate which will be sent to the Immigration Bureau in Thailand. 
2. A Company in Thailand who wishes to employ an alien submits an application to the Immigration Bureau,  For applications and information, please contact us.. 
3. Applying for a Re-entry Permit. In the case where an alien who holds any kind of visa in the Kingdom & desires to travel abroad before his or her visa expires, the alien must apply for a re-entry permit. A re-entry permit allows you to re-enter the Kingdom, use the time remaining on your visa which will automatically be cancelled although it has not expired. For the Provincial Area like Chiangmai: Airport Rd. Others: Contact any Immigration Check-Point through-out the country. 
1. Passport or Substitute travel document 
2. One 4*6 cm. Photo 
3. Application Form T.M. 8 
4. 1000 baht fee per application or multiple 3800 baht. A re-entry permit may be obtained several times. 
3. Applying for Permanent Residence 
Periodically, the Immigration Bureau receives applications for permanent residence. Public announcements will be made at such times. Foreigners with non-immigrant visas who have resided in Thailand continuously for three years (on 1-year visa extensions), may apply for permanent residency. 


A One year Visa O-A or B-A. A foreigner can have a Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant Visa valid for One Year with the following requirements. Most foreigners qualify for this 
type of "One Year Visa". A foreigner may set up a company in Thailand with minimum 
registered capital of 2 million baht, though this money is on paper only, to obtain a one-year visa you need this. A foreigner married to a Thai national may obtain a one-year visa, 
provided they have no less than 200,000 baht in a Thai bank account.


A foreigner working in Thailand can obtain a one-year visa by applying for a work permit using supporting documentation provided by the employer and after 1 year then apply for a 1 year visa which means you need to register for VAT and pay yourself a salary which may be from 35-40,000 baht. From 1st July 2004 salaries increase: eg Japanese, USA & canada will be 35-40,000 baht & European/ Australia/ NZ 50-60,000 baht. You must have a work permit to apply. This will then allow you to obtain a "month under review" stamp in your passport while your non immigrant year visa is processed in Bangkok. Sometimes they may give you 2 under reviews before they have all the paperwork but there is a check list of things you must comply with. Remember there are approx 50 pages of requirements and they must be meticulous and in duplicate. You must pay VAT & yourself a salary that is taxed monthly. We help you and submit on your behalf.



Initially you must apply for a nonimmigrant visa before you enter the country from a Thai Embassy abroad. You go to any Thai Embassy abroad with bank account showing 800,000 baht min or 65,000 baht per month coming into your account with proof of and that you intend to go to Thailand to retire. This then enables you to hold a non immigrant O visa which we then can submit on your behalf for a year Retirement Visa. We charge 10,000 baht (takes 21 days)  or express service is 15,000 baht (approx 2 days), to lodge once you are in Thailand.  You cannot apply on a Tourist Visa.

 Requirements: 1/. Application form T.M.. Copy of passport  3/. One 4 x 6 cm photo. 4/. 1900 baht fee. 5/. Proof of financial status or pension.5/. Applicant must be 50 years old overseas & proof of money of 800,000 baht in a Thai bank OR an income of not less than 65,000 baht per month must be presented. I

Pensioners arriving before Oct 1998 with unbroken records while living here only need 200,000 baht in a Thai Bank when they apply for an extension.



Retirees who are married to a foreigner eg. Englishman married to a Phillipino can apply for his "O" status non immigrant visa under the normal criteria of 800,000 baht or 65,000 baht coming in each month. However if he /she wants to include spouse and children on this Visa he/she can (Please ask us as we can help those who need these visas).



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