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  An international driver's license is accepted in Thailand as long as its valid normally 12 months. A foreign license holds no weight here. If you decide to stay in Thailand you should obtain a Thai license. You need to have a current Thai license to obtain Thai International license after holding for 1 year. 

Some Insurance companies will put in fine print in Thai that you must be the holder of a CURRENT DRIVERS LICENSE which means a THAI DRIVERS' LICENSE not an international to claim insurance if you have an accident. To obtain an International license you must take documents to the Vehicle Registration Division of the Communication Transport Agency (opposite Chatuchak Park), Poholythin Rd, Bangkok, Tel: (02) 272-3615. Application can also be made at the Vehicle Registration Office in Chiang Mai located on Chiangmai-Hangdong Rd. tel (053) 270-411 as well as other registered Centres. Allow one month for issuance & mail delivery from Bangkok.


Firstly, you must apply for your Thai driving license in the province that you live in. For example, if you live in Sukhothai province, do not apply in Bangkok or Chiangmai. Most registration Offices have English speaking staff. Local province offices cannot issue International Driving licenses as you need some English expertise to do the translation. We have just been told you cannot create an international driving license from your Thai one until you have held it for at least a year? this may not be the case in your Province though. What you need:

1. Certificate of Residency from Immmigration. If in Chiangmai then 2nd floor of Prmenada. Affidavit of residence executed at your Embassy or Consulate. English translation is OK.

2. Thai Driver's license which has been renewed for the second year.

3. Medical cert normally costs 100 baht from a clinic

4. 2 photos size 1 1/2" X 21/2"

5. Copy of Passport & visa page & TM

6  fee in baht.?



Applications must be made in person. Take originals & one set of copies.


1. Cert of Residency or Original Affidavit of residence executed at your Embassy or consulate. (under 1 month old) If doing 2 licenses eg. car/motorbike then you can use a copy for the 2nd license.

2. Non-immigrant visa.

3. Passport copies main page. Visa page and TM

4. Medical report from a doctor or hospital (under 1 month old & original ). About 100 baht cost.

5. Your country driver's license to verify what license you hold (if not you take a test written multi choice & road test. If no bike or car you can rent). Watch the motorcycles as they have no brakes but the test is simple- a slalom through 5 poles.

6. 2 photos size 1" X 1"

7. fee baht 105 baht.

The Chiangmai drivers license centre has photo copy machines, laminating machines & photo stalls etc. tests go upstairs but the Help counter will direct you. Written tests start at 10am and are digitized on computers and you have time to learn. The tests are easy but the written is somewhat ambiguous. You must get over 45 out of 50 questions but if you fail just go back and do it again on the same day so that is good. You also have an eyesight test &n accelerator stop test. If you have both motorcycle & car license from your country then do both licenses using copies for the second license otherwise you have to obtain another letter (original) from your embassy but you must have Cert of Residency from immigration & copy. The license is current for 1 year and following the year you have 365 days to renew or you will have to do the licenses all over again.

What you need: Passport & immigration copies, copy from Immigration, 4 small 1"  photos which you can normally get out at the Registration Office for 90 baht & of course the forms & drivers license. 
Don't forget to bring your passport! 


Basically you have to resit all the tests. Once your paperwork is filed by the Information desk on the first floor then Window 27 you go to Room 1 on the left of the info desk. The classes normally start at 9am but can be around 9.30am. The Info centre will give you a number and thats your seat number in Room 1. There will be around 70 others in the room but don’t worry as it is all in Thai by the teacher so just relax; watch the videos. Once the class starts you will be lead to the room across from Room1 to take the colour eye test then the foot pedal green/red light test which if you fail you can do again. Then it is back to Room 1 all day till 4.30pm to listen to the teacher or else watch the videos of traffic control etc. Lunchtime is 1 hour break and you can go to the toilet or buy drinks in the kiosk on the same floor during the day. She will hand out a road sign booklet in English for those who need to brush up on Thai signs to study up which is returned later in the day.Everything is nicely signed for toilets etc and a lot better than it used to be. If you stay the full day say Friday then the teacher will tell you to come back for the written tests & driving test Monday. You normally have 90 days to sit the driving test. You must do 2x written tests if your 5 year license expired. It pays to study up on some of the signs & meanings and there are tests on the internet.

WRITTEN TESTS for driving licenses Car and bike:

Click on a Test : Qu and answers. The highlighted are the answers not the sign. Practice these tests





Head to the test building hand papers in and wait in the air condition room.You then go to the outside wearing your helmet. Make sure its done up tight. Once the teacher tells you the route etc just follow the Thais one after another. You drive around a sqaure. Use indicators & Stop at the 2nd trun stop sign. Indicate & go over small bridge then another turn left then straight another trun left then through a salom of poles slowly not to hit any then over a 10meter painted green board which is about 1 foot wide & stop. Park your bike around by the aircon building & MAKE SURE YOUR LEAVE LEMET ON. Go back to where the teacher is to get your pass & papers. If you take your helmet off before you reach the teacher he will fail you???

Once you do the motorcycle test which is 1pm in the afternoon take papers to the Info upstairs to get a number upstairs at the Info counter, sit and wait maybe an hour as normally many people there. Once your number is called go to No desk digitally signed and hand your papers in pay 305 baht then head to the photo kiosks which are behind these desks. Uplift another number sit and wait. Photo taken & your new drivers license given. Can get a plastic cover for 10 baht for your license--just ask the girl Mee plastic mai and youre done. Cost for motorcycle license =305 baht and you get 5 years.

BANGKOK: The Driving License Sub-Division of the Motor Vehicles Registration Office, Tel: 02 279-2959 will tell you where to find the right place. Sukhumvit residents, go to Soi 99. Exit the expressway at Soi 62, turn right into Sukhumvit Road and then left (at Diethelm Building) walk down the long side street and it is on the left at the end of the street.


1. Its a current driving license if you have an accident.

2. The license has your passport number on it so is your ID card for renting cars, hotel stays etc.or admission into places where otherwise you need your passport.

3. ID for banking & checking in or out parcels and clearances.

4. Renewals are straight forward.

5. You are supposed to possess one if living in Thailand after 6 months.

6. It can save you a hell of a lot of money in the longrun !!!!!especially if your Inter isn't current & you cannot read the fine print on your Insurance policy.

7/. On passing the test, a Thai driverís license will be issued & is valid for 1 year. This may be renewed for a further 1 year. You then need to sit for a 5 year license


Translate your Thai License:

If you have a Thai driver's license, you can have it officially translated with official stamps, your photo and all into English at the Ministry of land transport for 50 baht. This document will then serve as second license for you, a valid international driver's license usable anywhere in the world. This procedure is much easier than getting a Thai issued international driver's license which technically would not be valid in Thailand. When driving outside your home country it is recommended that you always have with you a second (international) driver's license.

Cost for driving license: ..... baht for a car and 305 baht for motorcycle. Applications for driving licenses for other forms of vehicle may not be granted. Do both licenses at the same time otherwise you may have to produce a second Embassy document stating where you live although now the new policy appears to be Immigration letter rather than the Embassy one, either or. You will probably have to sit for a written test on road rules as well. Obtaining a Thai driving license is advantageous if you do not 
have an International Driving License and want to drive in the  following countries with a Tourist Visa.: Singapore, Malaysia, Laos 


Buying a car or motorcycle: 2019

1/. Need non immigrant year visa, Company or have work permit.

2/. Passport and copies of main page and visa page

3/. Need letter from your Embassy or Cert of Residency from Immigration..

Make sure you get tabian (reg book) when buying a car and also have change of ownership form, ID of seller; house reg of seller & get him/her to sign a power of authority form. The vehicle must undergo test.

A foreigner can own a vehicle if they provide an endorsed letter from the embassy or Cert of Residemcy along with their passport.

Residency Certificate: 2018

1a). Copy your passport main page
b) Current visa page
c) TM arrival card

2. Two pictures, passport size. Can get pics made 200baht for x6 on ground floor
as well as photo copies

3. Proof of residence, like a lease agreement or letter in Thai, Eng from your condominium, or your work permit, or anything showing where you live. Bring the original in case they ask for it.

Residence Certificates can be applied for at Promenada Mall. Go to Building A, 2nd Floor, Office of the Immigration Police. There is a bus service there but use GRAB or Taxi & Bus back which eventually goes to the airport. This document is free and takes a week to process. Office hours are 9am to 11am for applications and 1pm to 4:30pm for certificate pickup, excluding weekends. You can get max 2 Cert of Residency only but you can use copies if applying for say both car/motorcycle license. The alternative is to apply for a residence certificate at your home country’s embassy or consulate within Thailand.

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Remember if coming to Thailand for longer stays then 1 month go to your nearest Thai Consulate in your home country. Arrival in Thailand you can obtain 30 days eg. USA. It varies between countries.


      Check your foreign currency exchange rates against the Thai Baht with Bangkok Bank.

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