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These are the up to date driving practical tests as at July 2018





  An international driver's license is accepted in Thailand as long as its valid normally 12 months AND anyy tourist should have one. A foreign license holds no weight at all and rental companies won't tell you this when hiring a bike.

If you decide to stay in Thailand you should obtain a Thai license. You need to have a current Thai license to obtain a Thai International license after holding for 1 year. 



Some Insurance companies will put in fine print in Thai that you must be the holder of a CURRENT DRIVERS LICENSE which means a THAI DRIVERS' LICENSE not an international to claim insurance if you have an accident. To obtain an International license you must take documents to the Vehicle Registration Division of the Communication Transport Agency (opposite Chatuchak Park), Poholythin Rd, Bangkok, Tel: (02) 272-3615. Application can also be made at the Vehicle Registration Office in Chiang Mai located on Chiangmai-Hangdong Rd. tel (053) 270-411 as well as other registered Centres. Allow one month for issuance & mail delivery from Bangkok.


 What you need to obtain a Thai Drivers License:

1. Certificate of Residency from Immmigration. If in Chiangmai then 2nd floor of Prmenada which will return to the airport Immigration in July 2018. Affidavit of residence executed at your Embassy or Consulate. English translation is OK.

2. Thai Driver's license which has been renewed for the second year.

3. Medical cert normally costs 100 baht from a clinic

4. 2 photos size 1 1/2" X 21/2"

5. Copy of Passport & visa page & TM

6  fee in baht. USA = 505 baht for the car as at Jul;y 2018







Car license Thailand




Basically you have to resit all the tests if after expiry of 1 year over the 5 year period. Once your paperwork is filed at the Information desk [see pic above] on the first floor then Window 27 you go to Room 1 on the left of the info desk. The classes normally start at 9am but can be around 9.30am. The Info centre will give you a number and thats your seat number in Room 1. There will be around 70 others in the room but don’t worry as it is all in Thai by the teacher so just relax; watch the videos. Once the class starts you will be lead to the room across from Room1 to take the colour eye test then the foot pedal green/red light test which if you fail you can do again. Then it is back to Room 1 all day till 4.30pm to listen to the teacher or else watch the videos of traffic control etc. Lunchtime is 1 hour break and you can go to the toilet or buy drinks in the kiosk on the same floor during the day. She will hand out a road sign booklet in English for those who need to brush up on Thai signs to study up which is returned later in the day.Everything is nicely signed for toilets etc and a lot better than it used to be. If you stay the full day say Friday then the teacher will tell you to come back for the written tests & driving test Monday. You normally have 90 days to sit the driving test. You must do 2x written tests if your 5 year license expired. It pays to study up on some of the signs & meanings and there are tests on the internet.





Click on a Test : Qu and answers. The highlighted are the answers not the sign. Practice these tests as some Qu will be a little different from the West but all are common sense that you should know for Thai roads. The test is via a computer digitized and you receive a card to slot into your computer then press 1-4 buttons to complete each answer. You may find them repititious but they are OK and you have time to complete each written test. If you fail they allow you to complete again and most people fluster on exams so don't worry the wrong answers are on the screen when you finish so you have time to check the right and wrong answers. The Transport staff are very good and they will help you. Once again remember things may be different in Thailand but the beauty is the leeway of obtaining a license as against the west--which costs a whole lot more








Once you do the motorcycle test which is 10am & 1pm in the afternoon take papers to the Info upstairs to get a number upstairs at the Info counter, sit and wait maybe an hour as normally many people there. Once your number is called go to Number desk digitally signed and hand your papers in pay 305 baht then head to the photo kiosks which are behind these desks.





Uplift another number sit and wait. Photo taken & your new drivers license given. You can buy a plastic cover for 10 baht for your license--just ask the girl Mee plastic mai and youre done. Cost for motorcycle license =305 baht and you get 5 years.




Once you complete your written, eye sight and accelerator test you need to book at the car driving room over the far side of the grounds. The test is 1pm in the afternoon but only 3 days of the week. In the morning they retest those whole fail to pass but make sure you book the day you wish to complete your driving test. You have 90 days to complete the driving test as you hold the papers.

Once your pick the day you file your papers and when ready after the instructor shows you each of the 3 steps in detail then you uplift a main card number for your windscreen & data card to insert into slot for each test.

There are 3 tests:

1/. Start once the person driving in front of you has completed and finish the stage ahead. Do not proceed while the car in front is doing that stage or you will fail. Once you start you will insert your card into the slot & watch for the green light then goes to red beep beep beep 3 times to continue. You drive straight between the post markers past the end until the back of the car is past the last post. Stop then immediately back thru the posts without touching the posts 5-10 metres past the end and STOP. Stay stationary until the green light shines indicating you have passed this stage. You can then proceed to Stage 2.




2/. Stage2: You now must show your card at the next stage making sure the previous car has totally completed that stage otherwise you wait and do not present your card at this stage. When clear proceed & the red 3 beeps shine to proceed. This stage you must travel by the gutter 25cm away just touching the inner white line with your wheels. Too close to the gutter you fail-- too much to the right of the white line you fail. Best idea drive touching the outer white line slightly and all is OK. You then must stop: at the stop sign one metre from front to front wheels. Again make sure your wheels just stop before the first white line. See picture below. Once thru wait until you get a red [fail] or green [pass] light then proceed out to Stage 3.


3/. Stage 3.This next stage is parking the vehicle. Again do not proceed to insert your card until the stage 3 is well claer of a previous car. Go slow indicate you intend to move into this park. The best idea is to drive along side the red indicatior pole with your back of the car parallell with the corner pole. Not too far out.



Then back into the park. Once your front wheels are beside this pole turn opposite lock slowly and move slowly back into the park. With manual trans you can go back and forth in this area of the park 7 times. Make sure you straighten the car parallel with the gutter and front wheel straight then stop and wait for the instructor to tell you to move. If you hit the poles you fail ot if you hit the gutter you fail. You then drive out and stop beside the posts & wait until the traffic light shines green [ pass] or red [fail]. Then you can drive the car back to the parking area.





Note the bright red pole is our indicator pole. The traffic light indicator pole on the left. There are road sensors that run from this pole back. You must park the car inside the green section. Drive slow and remember its common sense.

If you fail you need to rebook to come back and do the test again which is in the morning Monday, Wed & Friday so make sure you book a spot before you leave. No charge and you are tested only on what you failed.

Once you pass then uplift your papers, return the card and Number card and head to the 2nd floor to the info counter for a number. You then sit and wait until your number shows up then go to the counter and pay 505baht for the license showing your passport as well.Pay for your license; get your photo at the back kiosk behind the counter uplifting another number sit and wait your turn then the kiosk will take picture and issue you the new car license. You can buy a plastic cover for 10 baht off the kiosk.

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Remember if coming to Thailand for longer stays then 1 month go to your nearest Thai Consulate in your home country. Arrival in Thailand you can obtain 30 days eg. USA. It varies between countries.

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