Types of visa: Tourist and Business.

Validity and cost: Visitors arriving by air can obtain a visa for up to 30 days on arrival at Pochentong International Airport, Phnom Penh. One month visa costs US$20, up to 3 months US$40 and more than 3 months US$60 & extensions may be granted by the Immigration Office in Phnom Penh. However first check prices with your Travel agent or the Consulate.

Application to: Consulates (or Consular section of Embassy) in Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vientiane (Laos), Moscow and Washington, DC. Business visas are obtainable through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Phnom Penh or an official invitation. Tourists on package tours will normally have their visas arranged by the tour operator.

Application requirements: (a) 3 completed application forms. (b) 3 passport-size photos. (c) Passport. (d) Fee. (e) Business card, if applying for Business visa. (f) Proof of sufficent funds to cover stay.

Working days required: Minimum 3 days. Once approved it may be collected either at a Cambodian Mission or issued on arrival at Pochentong (Phnom Penh) airport. Visas valid for one month only may also be issued at Pochentong airport without
pre-arrangement, although this must be checked before travel.



Cambodian Visa stamp only not for a new visa
Aranyapet - is a cesspit, a seriously desperate place. Also called a crossborder market town but is unfortunately crowded with thieves and beggars and worse. It seems to have deteriorated since I was there a year ago.
Park your vehicle in the secure car park beside the crossing, at the bottom end of the market. Its worth the 100 baht to keep the beggars away. Go directly to the immigration point, do not entertain contact with any of the touts, they are a serious pest and difficult to get rid of once they have latched on to you when stamping out, don't forget to ask for a TM card, no forms are put on display as they get stolen and re-sold to unwary travellers. Dont forget two passport pics for entry visa into Cambodia otherwise a 100 baht gift suffices
When entering say that you are going gambling, not leaving the country immediately, otherwise you pay a gift of 100B. Re enter Thailand in the usual way
When entering say that you are going gambling, not leaving country immediately, otherwise you pay a gift of 100B. Re enter thailand in the usual way.Warning, bring a plastic stool to sit on if you cant stand in queues too long like me, also bring an umbrella, drinking water, something to read, go toilet first as it either rains or is stinking hot. I spent an average of an hour each in all 4 queues out in out in, so 4 hours plus depending on traffic. Not pleasant. Don't let your darling enter into conversation with any of the touts cos they want money for looking after her.The market has got some electrical goods at bargain prices, and yah dong herbs are also a buy if you have an outlet, don't get any exotic wildlife, there are 5 police check points on the way back to khorat.
If travelling back that way there is a scenic restaurant beside the Kruan Lam Nang Rong reservoir beatiful, good food and cheap.There is desperate poverty down on the border as in most border towns. The average police officer earns 800B/month compared with 8000b for a thai. Rice is still the same price however, so you get the picture I am told by some that its not too safe inside Cambodia, Poipet and the surrounding casinos especially at night, only to be expected. You will see lots of beggar children aged 7 or 8 carries babies of 18 months old, pinching them to make them cry so you will give money. If you give to one you will have twenty of them around you in the blink of an eye. I hated every minute of it and was so glad to get back to khorat. 

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