If coming to live in Thailand a foreigner should have a will in place. This makes it easy for the Thai partner as without, then all assets of that person including Bank accounts revert back to the family overseas. This means the moment the foreigner passes away the Bank accounts are frozen so your wife or partner cannot access anything. Is this fair??? we do not think so.

Many foreigners come to Thailand and live on their pensions but have zero savings and live month by month. They never think to put in place for old age or for their next of kin or for sickness. This means that their Thai wife and kids suffer and its sad to see. It happens all the time in Thailand and hospitals even are given the task of dispossing of the bodies themselves due to no funds. We were told in August 2017 of 3 foreigners who left nothing for their thai wives and also had no funds to pay for their burial costs.

The other scenario is that family back home do not wish to become involved in repatriation of the body and outstanding fees. This is happening more today as the costs involved include paying for outstanding hospital charges as well as travel costs etc. The Embassy will not pay for this as well so its up to you to do something about it while you are here. Do not rely on your friends who may not be able to support you when in need.

What a foreigners should do. Make sure you have a Will and in Thailand this can be registered.

Your fridge is one place that is inpected. Put your next of kin and contact details on paper and stick on your fridge.

Make sure your wife, partner is aware of what must be done if something happens and who to contact.


If you get sick make sure you have good Insurance otherwise costs can go up. If you need ICU care in Ram hospital in Chiangmai the costs are around 10,000 baht per day. Everything you eat, drink, medicines and care come under this fee. Its not cheap and other hospitals in Chiangmai may charge less but its still baht one has to pay and this is normally in advance payment. The Hospital charges around 5000baht to cremate the body and the storage fees to hold the body are 500 baht per day as at 2019


Should you have problems with a member of your family living in Chiangmai and cannot attend to their needs then we can assist you. We have staff including foreigners who specialize in Hospital Care like Cancer sufferers as well as in Old age Care. We can recommend care up to your needs better than most as we have qualified Doctors we liase with. We have staff that know all the hospitals and care centres in Chiangmai and can facilitate all for you including the Embassies as well as liasing with the authorities where needed. We also update you on everything and what


When someone dies their estate goes to their heirs. There are 2 types.

If no will statutory heirs will inherit in the following order:

1/. Children, parents & spouse of the deceased- equal shares.

2/.Parents & spouse of the deceased-- spouse gets 1/2

3/. Full brothers & full sisters ---spouse 1/2

4/. Half brothers, sisters ---- spouse 2/3rds

5/. Grandfathers, grandmothers ---- spouse 2/3rds

6/. Uncles and Aunties  ----spouse 2/3rds

7/. None of the above --- spouse 100%

  If an heir in a higher order exists, heirs in the lower orders have no rights whatsoever. Probate is not required under Thai law and trusts are not allowed under Thai law. Current law has no levy of taxes on inheritances.


If living in Thailand our law Office can help a foreigner with a will. It saves a lot of hassle if you do not have one.

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