Apply for a residence certificate between 9:00am and 11:00am, Monday through Friday (excluding Thai holidays because the office is closed) at the Chiangmai Airport entrance: There are agents who can do for you as well. Must be done 24 hours after arriving in Thailand and can be stressful as many people there.

  • Photocopy, blue/yellow house tabian book, or letter from landlord
  • NEW REQUIREMENT: Photocopy of TM30 form signed by your landlord
  • Two 2×2 inch passport photos
  • Actual passport (to confirm authenticity)
  • Photocopy of the following passport pages: main photo page, visa page, TM6 departure card (all pages must be signed)
  • Completed application form of Residence Certificate in Thailand. Blank copies are provided at the office. 

If you do not have photos Application Drop Off Times: 9:00am to 11:00am
Residence Certificate Pick Up Times: 1:00pm to 4:30pm can take up to 10 days or pay 500baht for next day service
Phone: (053) 142-788

If you leave Thailand for a few days you need to do again and also for a drivers license.

If wanting a bike and car license then you need 2 certificates one for both




  If you have resided in Thailand for 3 years on consecutive 1 year visas with no defaults like overstays and you want to reside in Thailand thereafter, there is provision where you can apply for a residence permit. Foreigners with non- immigrant visas who have resided in Thailand continuously for three years (on 1-year visa extensions), may apply for permanent residency. The media normally publish when the next issur will occur but normally December for 2 weeks only.    

Thailand allows approx 100 nationals from certain countries the opportunity to apply. However we stress use the services of a lawyer when filing an application form. A  fee of 5,000 (  7,600 Baht July 10th) for adults and 2,500 Baht for each child must be paid as a guarantee. Applicants for residency also need a working permit issued by the Thai Ministry of Labour or Labour Office. Applicants may also be subject to interviews so best have a lawyer. A residency allows an alien to avoid the yearly visa renewals, and it also provides for work permit renewal to occur on an annual basis. Also, an alien with permanent residency status will be eligible to apply for Thai citizen- ship after 10 consecutive years under this classification.




1/. Unbroken long stay visas for min 3 years 2/. Police document from your country & certified from your Embassy of no previous convictions
3/. Pension document 4/. Photo of house or property you own
5/. Evidence of the good things you have done for Thai society 6/. Education qualifications
7/.All the above to be in Thai  


Residence permit 191,400 baht. If married to a Thai 95,700 baht.



If approved, a residence blue book is issued to the alien & the fee is 1,000 Baht. The foreign resident must register  the place of residence in Thailand at the local Amphur Office and obtain a house card. 7 days after receipt of the residence certificate you then apply for an alien book (red book) at the local police station. You must re-register there every year, and the fee is 200 Baht.



If you wish to leave Thailand, you must notify the Immigration Division prior to departure. They issue you with an Endorsement of Departure, as this is needed when you return. A residence permit remains valid if the alien re-enters Thailand at least once a year. Before departure, you must clear tax as well. A residence permit does not cover the spouse or any dependents.



Children born in Thailand of foreign parents have a legal status all by themselves. They are not Thai citizens (even those born to a Thai mother and a foreign father are not automatically Thai citizens - only those born to Thai fathers qualify, regardless of the nationality of the mother). Children of foreign parents, even if both are just tourists, are not classified as tourists.To be considered legal residents, children also donít need a residence permit. Immigration officers say that those born in Thailand can stay indefinitely without any formalities, until they leave the country for the first time on a non-Thai passport. Those born in Thailand do not need a residence permit but must be holders of a Thai birth certificate. Processing takes about two weeks and usually is handled by the hospital where the child was born. Birth certificates are standard forms in Thai. Law offices have  English translations of these forms costing 200-400 baht 



Aliens with permanent resident visas who wish to travel abroad: Submit resident's book for endorsement before leaving bring passport to apply for a non-quota immigrant visa in order to maintain your permanent residence in the country. You must return within a year of receiving the endorsement otherwise you forfeit your permanent residence visa. In the one year time period, you can enter and leave the country as many times as a non-quota immigrant visa permits. 
1. Resident's book
2. Alien identification card 
3. Passport or substitute document 
4. Work permit (if any) 
5. Three 4x6 cm. Photos
6. Application Form, T.M. 13; for those of Chinese nationality other 
nationalities need 2 copies. 
7. 1 copy of Application Form T.M. 22
8. 500 bath for endorsement fee, 500 bath for non-quota per 
application. Subsequent applications can be made.
9. An alien must apply in person each time.



[ Businessmen wanting Residency using a Company ]



LONG STAY VISA FOR RETIREES: is 50 years outside Thailand

The Thai Government it seems wants to attract long stayers but you can only apply for the new retired visa outside the country. The age is 50 years and you cannot apply in Thailand although we have been told you can apply in Bangkok ONLY. . Thus they want: 1/. Retiress over 50 years of age; 2/. People with health conditions 3/. Students and trainees & 4/. Those attending sports training camps. 


Foreigners applying for a Non O-A visa will be required to purchase health insurance from October 31, 2019 Non–Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay). If you are getting insurance make sure you apply to just Thailand no other countries if youre wanting to save money.
This type of visa may be issued to applicants aged 50 years and over who wish to stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 1 year without the intention of working. Holder of this type of visa is allowed to stay in Thailand for 1 year.

Can apply for an O-A visa in their own country at the Thai Embassy. You can stay for 1 year with reports filed every 90 days, after which you apply for an extension. You need 65,000 baht a month or 800,000 baht in cash in the bank here, no criminal record & free of infectious diseases & have a current medical certificate. Provision is also for spouses who don't qualify for this visa who may reside with their husbands with marriage certificate. A Residence Visa for Special Investment Purposes, if approved by the Minister of the Interior will allow senior citizens to live for an extended time if they invest in a condo or buy government funds.

See more on [ Residency Visas ] We now process 1 year visas.

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