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This is the up to date info on the best car rental we have used as at 2019. Located at Chiangmai Land off Changklan Road the rental company will deliver to you a rental car of your choice. Just book from them and pay a 1000 baht deposit and they will bring your choice of rental car to your condo or hotel. The cars are late model 2018 from the Honda Jazz, to the Toyota Vios to bigger cars entirely up to you.



The cost for a Honda Jazz is 800 baht a day and Honda City 900 baht or the Toyota Vios and depends on days you require.. The car will be delivered to you and this company is very popular with the Thais. A complete contract is drawn up but you need to tall them if you wish to travel to Bangkok or Pattaya which may have conditions. Due to the fact some rental cars have disappeared from dubious foreign renters in Myanmar etc you will next to ask the company where you wish to travel.


There is no mileage fee but you do need to put down a 1000 baht deposit and balance of payment once the car is delivered to you. Please check the car to make sure you are happy and on the contract there is a check list for you and everything is above board. Although a Thai company try to use a Thai to help or ask us at no charge. The cars are full of petrol and you must return the same.


Crown Rental: Ask for Mix who will help you.




Excellent Thai Rental Company in Chiangmai --hassle free--polite and courteous. We always hire our cars off Mix and all cars are dropped off in immaculate condition to the renter. If you want the best company then here it is in Chiangmai.



  Make sure you have an international driver's license is accepted in Thailand as long as its valid normally 12 months

If you decide to stay in Thailand you should obtain a Thai license. You need to have a current Thai license to obtain a Thai International license after holding for 1 year. 

Some Insurance companies will put in fine print in Thai that you must be the holder of a CURRENT DRIVERS LICENSE which means a THAI DRIVERS' LICENSE not an international to claim insurance if you have an accident. To obtain an International license you must take documents to the Vehicle Registration Division of the Communication Transport Agency (opposite Chatuchak Park), Poholythin Rd, Bangkok, Tel: (02) 272-3615. Application can also be made at the Vehicle Registration Office in Chiang Mai located on Chiangmai-Hangdong Rd. tel (053) 270-411 as well as other registered Centres. Allow one month for issuance & mail delivery from Bangkok.

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Remember if coming to Thailand for longer stays then 1 month go to your nearest Thai Consulate in your home country. Arrival in Thailand you can obtain 30 days eg. USA. It varies between countries.

   [ Thai driving license ]

      Check your foreign currency exchange rates against the Thai Baht with Bangkok Bank.


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