Remember if coming to Thailand for longer stays then 1 month go to your nearest Thai Consulate in your home country. Arrival in Thailand you can obtain 30 days eg. USA. It varies between countries. [ Countries ]. Pic of Mae Sai border. Myanmar/Thailand.


STOP PRESS:   30 days on a tourist visa then you must leave for 30 days & get yourself a new Visa from a Royal Thai Embassy abroad



1/.  Once you have 3 entries of 1 month in your passport which = 90 days you must then leave Thailand and obtain a fresh visa from abroad. However you may be under scrutiny if you go out and come straight back into Thailand. If you already have a few stamps they may cut you off now which means you may have to apply for a retirement visa. remember all your entries are no on database.

2/. If over 50 yrs apply for non immigrant O out of Thailand. Return and obtain a retirement visa. We can assist all but you must have 800,000 baht in the bank

3/. If married to a Thai then obtain a marriage visa but you need to have non immigrant visa. 400,000 baht in the bank.

4/. If you have a company then you need to show WP3 form from the labour office and apply for a one year visa after you have been in business and have your yearly audit. But you can apply first for non immigrant B visa with WP3 form. You need a lawyer to do the bookwork.

5/. You can get a non immigrant B visa but ask your lawyer.

6/. Remember all new companies your staff will be interviewed regarding their job status.

7/. if you are under 50 yrs and own a condo worth min 3m baht you can apply for a retirement visa.

8/. For all those that cannot comply I am afraid you will need to leave Thailand then get a new visa from abroad.

9/. NEW RULING FOR COMPANIES: All new companies must have bank account under Thai shareholder as well so the days of nominee shareholders paid out are over. Remember too everything is now on database.




 Please note you must leave Thailand if your Visa expires. if you use agents then you will be prosecuted. The law states one must leave themselves and everything is on computer now. Please note you can obtain a non immigrant B visa in Penang but you must have WP3 ( tor tor3 ) form from the Labour  Office and all documentation even to get a single non immigrant B visa. Do not go if you just have a letter and company papers as you will be refused. Please use a lawyer as the paperwork must be right or you will be declined. OVERSTAY IS NOW 500 BAHT PER DAY. 



The retirement age has reduced to 50 years of age for retirees but those under age 50 can now apply if they can show 3m baht in the bank.  You must apply at a Thai Embassy overseas or in Thailand on a non immigrant visa. For retirees wanting us to help them please ask us as we are presently processing long term retirement visas from ChiangMai and Bangkok Offices. 


Law services- Use our Thai Law Office & compare our fees. Specializing in all Law work including retired visas, work permits, company formation, limited partnerships, wills, contracts, title deed searches, conveyancy, leases, house buying, litigation, marriage services, criminal work, translations English, Thai, German. 






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NEW pension visas has changed to 50 years old. (Must apply out of Thailand for a non immigrant O visa first but once you have then you can reapply in Thailand). You need 800,000 Baht in the bank OR an equivalent amount of income of not less than 65,000 baht every month with proof of pension income before applying for a one year visa. 

RETIREMENT VISAS: One Year You must enter Thailand on a non immigrant visa to apply. Quick and easy using our Law Office. Cost is 10,000 baht but we do have an Express 2 day service. You need to show 800,000 baht in the Bank or pension fund letter with Thai Bank letter stating you have 65,000 baht coming in each month then email us or Tel: 01-9527812 to apply. You must have an existing non immigrant visa to apply NOT tourist visa. Under aged 50 years anyone can apply for a 1 year visa now but must show 3m baht in the bank.



RETIREMENT MARRIAGE VISAS: One Year  If married to a Thai you need 400,000 baht in the bank.  If you need bank account letter from your bank Bangkok Bank it now takes 5 days not one day to obtain.


RESIDENCY VISAS: Our office can help you. Our fee is 20,000 baht not including government fees but make sure: 1/. you have 3 years consecutive multiple non immigrant visas to be eligible with no broken record eg. extensions or overstays? 2/. if a pensioner then proof of your funds monthly coming in 3/. What you have done to assist Thai society while you have been in Thailand. 4/.Your educational qualifications 5/. Document from your country from Police to say you have no previous criminal records & certified by your Embassy here.6/. Photo of your house or property if you have? 7/. All the above to be translated into Thai.


ELITE PRIVILEGE VISAS: Is no different from a retirement visa and the only benefit is you pay 1m baht for the privilege of having a 5 year visa??? Chiangmai Immigration were telling those who bought the Elite card that they can give them a visa for less every year in 15 minutes?? Buying a house has no special right than if you buy a house using a company! so be careful.


FOREIGNERS WITH THAI CHILDREN can apply for a 1 year visa. have proof of 400,000 baht in the bank and also the birth certificate of the Thai child.


OVERSTAY 500 baht per day. 

VISA RUNS You already have a tourist's valid for one or two months from the date of issue. This visa can be extended by one month in Thailand. In Chiang Mai, go to the immigration office. The extension fee is 1900 Baht. After this month expires you can re-apply for yet another extension (same fee). You get an "under consideration for X amount of days" stamp endorsement, another one when you return (after crossing into Mynamar or Laos) after X amount of days (no fee) and finally a "must leave country in X amount of days" endorsement. This gives you approximately 30 days more.  To enter Laos you can get a visa at the border towns of Chiang Khong or Nong Khai. You can also obtain a visa in Chiang Mai. Laos town of Huai Sai across the Mae Khong River from where you travel onwards onto Luang Prabang in Laos. In Chiangmai go to the Prince Hotel --Pollside bar and a minibus leaves every Sunday and Wed for Mae Sai.

COMPANY CHECKS: Chiangmai commercial registration is presently looking closely at companies. If you have a company make sure you have the workers and not just nominees as you will have to explain where and what they are each doing in your company. Remember even playing a guitar in a  bar for fun is working? and you will be jailed, bailed around 65,000 baht then deported after the fine. We recommend you do not use a company just to buy a house only, as under the Thai law you must conduct a business as well as thats basically what a company is for.

POLICE COMPLAINTS: now have a new email address if you have a problem with Thai Police on  & P.O. Box 191, Rong Muang, Pathum Wan, 10330, Thailand.

Read Letters from the first Thailand Online [ Visanews ].  We help you obtain a Thai Visa & Thai Work permit.   

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